About the Author

Elisabeth Falcone was born in Berlin , Germany , two months before the end of World War II. An immigrant to the United States , she has spent most of her life since 1959 in South Florida.

Having completed her foreign language studies and receiving an M.A. in Linguistics from Florida Atlantic University , she became an educator. Whether in the classroom or on television, she strove to expose her students to ethnic diversity. Her world-wide travels provided her the “authentic materials”, as well as an insight into other cultures, to make them come alive in the classroom.

After her arrival in the United States , she had to adapt, like other immigrants, to learn to fit in order to become an American citizen. This background has made her acutely aware of the way we approach people who are different from us as we try to find similarities that make us equal in some way. During this process, she has discovered that cooking, one of her hobbies, provides a delicious way of achieving harmony among people. Recipes of a multi-ethnic cuisine are included in this book.

She and her immediate family live along the East Coast of Florida.

Mommy, was Grandpa a Nazi?

Mommy, was Grandpa a Nazi?